Our Girls


  Lottie - pedigree from the Alison line.  Born August 2011. Lottie is our original sow and is a firm family favourite.  She is a wonderful mother and has given birth to litters of 7 to 11 piglets.

Nutmeg and Spot

Nutmeg (in the foreground) - pedigree from the Elsie line. Born June 2010.  Nutmeg joined us May 2013.  She has recently given birth to a beautiful litter of 8 piglets. 

Spot (at the top of the picture) - pedigree from the Alison line.  She is the sister of Lottie and came to us in the autumn of 2012 along with George.



Pepper - pedigree from the Elsie line.  Born June 2010 and is the sister of Nutmeg.