Our History

We started out in spring 2011, not intending to become breeders, but rather than purchasing one or two weaners, we were persuaded to buy a gilt in pig.  Soon after our first sow Lottie, we took on her sister Spot and our very handsome boar George and so the herd began to grow.

We are registered as breeders with the British Pig Association and members of the Rare Breed Society. Our herd has the registered name of Fen Herd.

In the last year we have grown to five pedigree Oxford Sandy and Blacks breading sows, as well as  non registered OSB's.

We have found Oxford Sandy and Black pigs (OSB's) to be incredibly good natured, wonderful mothers and we now regularly have people wandering past admiring the regular arrival of the very pretty piglets.

As with many of our traditional breeds, the Oxford Sandy and Black pigs have dropped in numbers as the commercial pigs have been developed and also due to the reluctance, until recent years, to accept these wonderful animals as pedigree, even though the breed has been around for 200 years.  The traditional breeds take longer to grow and mature, which does produce, in our and many other peoples' opinion, more flavoursome pork.  

At first we produced enough for our needs, but we have found that greater numbers of people also want to enjoy the meat we produce, with the knowledge that our pigs are free to wander the land, rather than being kept in pig sheds.

As with many people, we wanted to know where our food came from. There have been so many stories of late and we feel that by breeding and growing our own food, we know that we can guarantee the origins of everything we produce and eat.

Along with our herd of Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, we can supply gilts and boars and we also produce our own honey, which we are happy to sell.